About us

We believe that a rug is more than just a piece of decor, it's an emotional connection to your home. It's the first thing you step on in the morning and the last thing you step on at night. It's where your family gathers for holidays and where your kids play on lazy afternoons.

That's why we started this business, to bring warmth, beauty and joy to homes through the connection of a rug. We've traveled the world to carefully curate a collection of rugs that embody the essence of different cultures and styles. From traditional hand-knotted rugs to contemporary designs, we have something for everyone.

Our team is passionate about rugs and dedicated to providing an exceptional shopping experience. We want to help you find the perfect rug that will make your house a home.

We're more than just a business, we're a family. And we're honored to be a part of your family's story.